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Friday, November 6, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Kicking off a NEW blog with a NEW release!

Hello out there :p

Thanks for stopping by the new blog for Zodiac House! I am going to start with our latest release :)

Zodiac~ Highlights Skybox Fully Furnished!

A fully furnished, fully functioning home.. alive with colour, yet classic subtlety. 16x 32 footprint

The Skybox itself, the Xcite! Compatible XPOSE bed, and the rugs are all modifiable and *everything* is copyable (No worries if you're up for modifying a bit and it goes wrong, just re-rezz!)

*The Bed shows as no copy in inventory until you first rezz it, due to a script. As soon as it is rezzed that script disappears and the bed is completely copyable for your use*

The bed is also packaged outside of the rezzer for more precise placement, also to keep it fully functional and copyable (as above, since it has to be rezzed once before it is fully copyable).

The Skybox and included furniture are meant to be positioned to fit perfectly on a 512 m plot (rectangular).. and at just 100 prims (Including the bed) a perfect fit with some left over. Whether you need a beautiful modern home in the sky for your 512 or just a little private getaway.. This low prim fully decorated skybox is for you!

With an Xcite! Compatible love Bed.. Combined with the ease of the Xpose system (Simple and easy pose adjustments) and a menu packed with 156 animations.. (No we dont count 'swaps' or stands or default sits or even repeated animations.. that is 156 individual animations) Loads of menu options as well as lots of space and warm comfort for you and your guests!
We hope you enjoy!Visit Zodiac Prefabs in SL!